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Social Media Management – Part 1

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Social Media Management

Social Media Listening
Only when we listen intently, that we conclude positively.

Social Media Management is a vast subject, which needs deeper understanding and constant reading & updates. It has revolutionised access to data, information flow, connectivity, which from our perspective, has affected advertising, media and research understanding.

Social Media comprises the following key elements:

  1. Listening, Research & Analysis
  2. Creation of Content
  3. Content Curation
  4. Bulk Scheduling Strategy
  5. Influencer Marketing
  6. Analysis & Dashboards
  7. and of course, the myriad tools that are available (which is a study in itself)

Social Media Listening

Today, we will try to write our understanding about listening.

Unless we keep listening to the Internet, we can’t interact with the Internet. It is not only applicable for a successful social media strategy, but also for search and online display advertising, equally critically. 

Secondly, it is important to understand the scope of the listening requirements. 

Do we listen to the social media channels that we own, or the competition as well? Do we listen to the whole eco-system of social media including YouTube, Forums, News websites and blogs?

Then there is the definition of Target Audience, which  will help us in deciding on the location, language, age, gender etc and even the platforms and devices, to focus our listening queries.

Search Algorithm

There are primarily two ways to listen to the Internet. One is via keywords, and the other is by using boolean search queries. Only the advanced costlier listening tools have the boolean query feature. In keywords, you can mention the keywords in either OR or AND logic, and even list the negative keywords that you want to avoid. In boolean method, we can create an algorithm that can be very precise. For instance, we can find content which has the keyword ‘social media’ around 20 words of the keyword ‘India’.

It is necessary to understand and scope our requirements to go scouting for the best possible software at the best possible price.

Let us present you a list of social media listening tools, which we have found notable and can be considered for social media listening requirements:


Most of these softwares also give other benefits such as engagement, bulk scheduling of social media posts etc. There are a lot more options in the market that you can browse, connect to and take demo on Skype. The best way however is to take a trial for a week to conclude on one of them.

Listening Strategy Infographics

social listening strategy infographics

My next post will be on Social Media Engagement.

You are all invited to #AskQuestions. We will try to answer them as best as possible.

Happy Surfing! Have a good day.

Sharing is Knowledge

Social Media is about knowing Sociology and Psychology.

Sharing is Knowledge

Social Media Marketing, Sociology & Psychology

social-media-marketing kuhipaat Communications

In words of renowned digital analyst, speaker and author Brian Solis, “Social Media is about Sociology and Psychology more than Technology.”

If we communicate according to other people’s background and needs, chances are high of influencing their behaviour. While content becomes a part of sociology and influencing behaviour comes under psychology. In addition we are using technology as a medium of such conversations in social media marketing. Although it involves a huge mass of people, yet it one to one interaction can that can happen.

Any business, small to large, can make use of social media for brand advertising and generate leads. However it all depends on how well we do it. How can we create conversations? The key tasks are to listen, engage and build relationships with people. Things should revolve around the people rather than the business.

For social media marketing to become effective tool in decision making tapping into the psychological aspects of other people based on their socialisation factors is necessary. Psychological factors are needs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, etc. Socialisation factors are family, location, education, environment, etc.

Digital marketing consequently helps people spread the word about their business which results in brand advertising and lead generation. It is all about identifying the essence of engagement.

Social Media Marketing – An Interesting Video

If we think we are in complete control of our destiny or even our own actions, we are wrong. Every choice we make, every behavior we exhibit and even every desire we have has its roots in the social universe. In the video below Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Medical Sociology in Harvard University, explains why individual actions are inextricably linked to sociological pressures.

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