Opinion: Google Pixel is the proof of a gap between brand management & technology

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At an event in San Francisco on 5th of October, Google unveiled the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, first Google-branded smartphones.

I am a brand management thinker with a knack for technology, and not the other way round. I see the Google Pixel as a product that will not do too well.

It may not be an outright failure, as it has Google and its tech machinery powering it. The PR and the marketing teams of the tech machinery will try all possible ways to get tech reviews, spec reviews, and what-not reviews from all the available Tech verticals and News portals. And of course, it will design a simple Google-styled dynamic website with a few well-shot costly videos that consumers would perhaps like. Some of the features are cool as well, like the camera, unlimited cloud storage and the Google Assistant. (On second thoughts, Google has killed the Google Assistant before it is even born.)

Still, Google Pixel and the Pixel XL won’t do well. The reason it won’t do well is its flawed brand strategy. If Google had an objective of competing in premium mobile phone segment along with iPhone, then it shouldn’t have done the following two brand mistakes:

Pixel should not have had Android OS.

We have seen with Nexus that even if Android rules the market share, a phone with a pure Android OS couldn’t even create a flutter in the market. The reason is obvious, and that is the default brand positioning of Android OS – a poor man’s OS. The latest version of Android OS is even available on a Rs. 3000/- mobile phone in India. Who really cares if Google phones have a PURE Android OS ! Only a fraction of the world population would know the difference.

Google should have a launched a new OS (new brand) with the Google Assistant for the premium market with appropriate branding activities along with Pixel, or perhaps a few months before it to create the hype for a new mobile phone. The new OS should have had a new UI in terms of form and presentation, which would have made it perceived very differently from the current Android eco-system.

Pixel should not have been a Google phone.

Google too suffers from a brand imagery which is not premium or exclusive. It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a free-ware. (This is where I see an opportunity for a premium paid search engine available for the premium market segment, with an algorithm that understands consumer behaviour of the wealthy.)

It could have been launched as a Signature Series by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I mean, technically it could have been a Google phone, but from a brand point of view, we could have perhaps leveraged the brand value of its founders. There are more ways to launch a premium phone that starts from Rs. 57,000/- and goes up to Rs. 67,000/-.

To top it, the brand managers must have been really busy with their organising of tech reviews. It was a oversight to launch a supposedly premium brand, Google Pixel with a virtual reality head-set and the Chromecast Ultra.

Brand Management & Technology

It is my belief that the everyday evolving technology marketplace lacks serious branding experts. Brand managers, who could think positioning strategy, analyse consumer behaviour and find perception need gaps and flaws for the new technology products and solutions. More so, in the B2C retail market place.

Kuhipaat is a start-up that aspires to fill up that space, and be the bridge between technology thinking and brand thinking.


Sharing is Knowledge

OpenSkiez – Promotional Website Designed & Strategized by Kuhipaat

Sharing is Knowledge

The Making of OpenSkiez

We at Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt. Ltd., shortly Kuhipaat, have decided to support the indomitable spirit of our friend Vikas Dimri. We are helping him through the OpenSkiez website in his attempt to summit Mt. Everest. His Mission is starting on 5th April 2017. [click here to visit the website]

Mt. Everest is considered the ultimate frontier of human ability. So, it is a challenge not only from the physical fitness point of view, but also in terms of managing the very high expenses involved. Collecting funds through corporate sponsorships is a daunting task. Therefore, Kuhipaat has come forward to help Vikas Dimri in achieving his dream.


The single minded objective of OpenSkiez is to create an informative platform. And this platform will let brands and corporates see value in terms of investing on Vikas Dimri. Thus, in turn, help Vikas Dimri’s dream come true.

Digital Campaign – A Support Campaign Website

openskiez mystory kuhipaat mission everest vikas dimri
Home Page 1

OpenSkiez is a support campaign website to help fund Vikas Dimri’s “Mission Everest“. The website is completely strategized, designed and created by Kuhipaat.

His Mission needs him to strategise and plan for meeting his huge financial requirements. We all know Mount Everest is a costly affair, as it needs costly equipments and attire. So, Vikas Dimri needs sponsorships and contributions to make his dream a reality. Therefore,  this campaign website will help Vikas Dimri gather funds to fulfill his Mission.

An Inspiration

OpenSkiez Mission Everest Vikas Dimri Kuhipaat
Home Page 2

Currently, Vikas Dimri  is the Vice President and Business Head – SME, Trade and Working Capital, in Deutsche Bank AG India. Apart from being a successful and respected professional, he has completed other multiple marathons and summits.

Today, he is a good athlete and a trained mountaineer. This shows how well Vikas Dimri is maintaining the “Work – Passion Balance” in his life. People can rarely accomplish both. Yet, he has excelled in his profession as well as his passion.

Vikas Dimri is a great example for all “ordinary us” to follow Work – Passion Balance in life. And we at Kuhipaat, strongly share this belief. We believe that people should pursue both – their professional career as well their passion; be the profession and passion same or different. Some lucky ones get to make a career out of their passion, whereas for others their profession and passion vary.

So, to take a strong standpoint on “Work – Passion Balance” and promote the same among all the ordinary people, this Digital Campaign for Vikas Dimri is paid for, developed and maintained by Kuhipaat free of charge. Somewhat like pro-bono. This will inspire other ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary.

Promote Fitness And Health

OpenSkiez My Preparation Mission Everest Vikas Dimri Kuhipaat
Vikas Dimri’s Fitness Regimen Page

Kuhipaat also believes in maintaining fitness and good health. It goes without saying that Vikas Dimri’s lifestyle requires consistency in terms of training and diet. It requires both physical and mental well-being, which means good stamina, no over/under-weight and no stress. He is successfully keeping both, good health and mental fitness. And that is something many thrive for. So, this website will also be about working towards a healthy life, mental as well as physical.


The strategy was to leverage the digital media in terms of raising awareness about Vikas and his Mission Everest.

Custom Built Template

openskiez footer kuhipaat Vikas Dimri
Footer Page

Keeping Sponsorship at focus, Kuhipaat has created this Digital Campaign for Vikas Dimri. OpenSkiez is also built for the sponsors who have come forward to support him. The website is developed on a completely custom built template by us.

Content Strategy

Blog Home Page

The complete content of the OpenSkiez is strategized by Kuhipaat. From structure to design to text – all done by us. We are managing the complete Blog section of the website as well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Kuhipaat has successfully worked on the various aspects of SEO – content as well as technical. This resulted in including OpenSkiez into Google and Bing Search Engines. We successfully made OpenSkiez recognized in organic search.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Kuhipaat is working on Social Media Marketing too. We are using various social media outlets and communities to generate publicity. We are increasing the awareness of the event through social media.

Device Responsiveness

Mobile View

Additionally, Kuhipaat has made the website device responsive as well. We have worked on the responsiveness for different resolutions. So, one may open the website in any phone or tab or pad, it will be device optimized.

The website strategy and development was just part of the full campaign of Vikas Dimri’s Mission Everest. There are many other tasks coming up for which Kuhipaat is working out plans and strategies.


Kuhipaat has taken the responsibility to manage the overall marketing of OpenSkiez. We will work to create the buzz about Vikas Dimri’s Mission Everest. Kuhipaat will help fund Vikas Dimri by acquiring sponsorships. We will work through traditional as well as digital marketing. We will also manage the Public Relation for Vikas Dimri.

Sponsorship fund collection

Kuhipaat is going to approach various brands and corporates to sponsor Vikas Dimri. Thus, Kuhipaat will be giving presentations on how the sponsorships are going to benefit the sponsor. Displaying logos, flags, mentions, etc. are some benefits of sponsorship. Apart from these, there will be different benefits for different sponsors per se.

Collaborations/Social Cause

We are going to add social welfare value to Vikas Dimri’s climb and sponsorships. So, Kuhipaat has successfully tied up with the “The Batti Project” recently. “Batti” works to provide electricity to the remotest villages in North-East India. There will be a “Climb to Light” event, where a part of the sponsorship fund is going to be donated towards “The Batti Project”.

We are working towards forming more such collaborations in the near future also.

Future Prospects

Post Mount Everest Summit

Blog Categories

The website OpenSkiez will not stop after funding “Vikas Dimri’s Mission”. After the Mount Everest summit, Kuhipaat will continue to promote fitness, health and the open skies. And we will continue to inspire people to dream and reach out towards their passion. OpenSkiez will continue to help the ordinary people achieve the extraordinary.

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