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We have a firm belief in the intrinsic power of Google Ads. Google Ads operate on the basic premise that humans love to seek assistance and that we are almost addicted to shortcuts.

It amazes me that Google as a keyword is one of the most searched keywords on Google!! It is because we don’t bother typing on the address bar of the browser. In fact the address bar is almost unknown to the new generation in their twenties. They just know the search bar that comes in the middle of the browser home page. If you need google, you type ‘google<space>com on the google or bing search bar!! Haha.

The idea of Kuhipaat behind Search Ads is simple. Make it relevant for the consumer who is seeking.

Now relevance is a buzzword that is not easy to achieve. More so in an environment of automation where the intent is to run the campaign using the right link from the jungle of links. Gone are the days when we opted for manual bidding of keywords. If the machine says, campaign is successfully published, the automatic man inside us believes that the job is done. The recommendation feature of Google is supposed to take care of the rest. The art, the science and the logic behind the communication gets hidden. I wonder how many of us think of Google as a media of advertising and communications!

We had taken the consumer craze around mWe upload videos and images to make our websites We at Kuhipaat Communications & Technology Pvt Ltd have kept the art and science of communication alive in Google Ads.

1) We not only research the right key phrases but also implement them in the ad text and landing page.

2) We use multiple campaigns and multiple ad groups to segregate the insights and the factors that give rise to consumer demand and analyse demand in a holistic sense.

3) We use multiple ad text rather than depending dynamic search ads.

4) We use ad extensions like image extension, call extension and form extension in a strategic way to get the right outcome.

5) Among other things, we guide our clients in the lead fulfilment process. The quicker we give the first call, the better is the chance of conversion. Then there are automatic WhatsApp, Email and SMS integrations that help the brand reach out to the seekers of the brand.

Google Ads definitely leads to sales. The question that we need to ask – what was the ROI? Only consumer insights can reduce ROI. We therefore focus on our consumers and not on the automations that Google has brought in.

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Sharing is Knowledge

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