Amul Advertisement – Simple and Consistent Brand Strategy

Nostalgia Amul Amul- The Taste of India. Need we say more? No! However, our love and connect with the brand Amul make us ruminate over it. A native brand success story example-Amul. A Consistent Advertisement elevating Brand Identity-Amul.  The utterly butterly ‘Amul girl’ is an icon of the middle class India right from 1967. Woah! Do we […]

Marketing Communications in the times of the World Wide Web.

Marketing Communications over the last decade has taken a big leap (of faith!) with the advent of interactive, super-fast, inter-connected world wide web and the myriad web technologies. All the critical pillars of communications – message, media, consumers, design tools, skill-sets etc have undergone a change. Or I should say, the technological advances have brutally […]

Social Media is about knowing Sociology and Psychology.

Social Media Marketing, Sociology & Psychology In words of renowned digital analyst, speaker and author Brian Solis, “Social Media is about Sociology and Psychology more than Technology.” If we communicate according to other people’s background and needs, chances are high of influencing their behaviour. While content becomes a part of sociology and influencing behaviour comes under psychology. In addition we […]


OpenSkiez – Promotional Website Designed & Strategized by Kuhipaat

The Making of OpenSkiez We at Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt. Ltd., shortly Kuhipaat, have decided to support the indomitable spirit of our friend Vikas Dimri. We are helping him through the OpenSkiez website in his attempt to summit Mt. Everest. His Mission is starting on 5th April 2017. [click here to visit the website] Mt. Everest is considered the […]

Digital Marketing and Bollywood

Digital Marketing in Films With 1000 films produced annually, Bollywood is the world’s most prolific cinema industry. It is prolific even in its use of digital marketing. According to DI International Business Development, a consulting unit of Confederation of Danish Industry, Bollywood generated revenues of $3 billion in 2011. It has been growing 10% a year. If […]

Online Lead Generation – A Valued Marketing Aspect To Help Your Business

  A GP Bullhound research report stated that the online lead generation was growing at 71% YTY- more than twice as fast as online marketing. 51% of local businesses surveyed said that lead generation is a challenge. [Source: ReachLocal, 2016] What is Lead Generation Lead generation is a marketing activity that refers to the generation and […]