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Social Media

Interest Groups, Communities, Fans et al.

Social Media is about advertising and being relevant in various networks, groups and communities within the bigger network - Internet. Although it is fuelled and incentivized by companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, social media is definitely not these websites alone. For instance, social media strategy starts from your website (s) and your blog (s).

Social Media and Content Marketing strategies have to co-exist to leverage the business benefits of the social networks that Internet has helped us to form and be part of.

We will help you in creating your brand imagery, brand familiarity and a fan base, along with garnering actual business from social media.

Step No.


Objective Definition

Social Media has been used for multiple objectives today. It is used to create brand awareness, recognition, and sales as well as to provide customer service. Each objective requires different skill sets and teams.

Step No.


Website Strategy

It is essential that the in-house content generation and presentation through websites and blogs support the social media strategy. So we would study the current live websites / blogs to re-energize them.

Step No.


Chanel Selection

Although Facebook today is the most popular social media channel, there are innumerous other socially relevant websites which can build the social media strategy, and can even help Facebook deliver better results.

Step No.


Content Strategy

The bare truth is that consumers consume, opinionate and share content through social media. Unless content is relevant, interesting, useful and prolific, there is no way to build a voluntary base of brand followers on the Internet.

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