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About Kuhipaat.

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We build websites, ecommerce sites, offer online payments solutions, execute Google and Facebook ads, and send email & SMS campaigns. We are Kuhipaat - where communication meets technology.

Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in Mumbai in the year 2008. Kuhipaat means 'new leaf'. The 'new leaf' meant a dream to build a world class web technology & communications expertise in the state of Assam. Assam is one of the lesser developed regions in India, and the flip side is that it is waiting to take the proverbial leap. Our insight was that we would get aspiring, motivated and loyal resources at a low cost to offer globally competitive digital cloud based services.

The second insight and a problem statement is that there exists a gap between web technology & communications skills, when both needs to co-exist to deliver effective websites, web applications, Search & SEO, Email Marketing, Google / Facebook Ads. The third driver was the founder's domain expertise in terms of digital payments to create one of the most innovative, value add digital payment platform - Payment PointTM

Today, we have a dedicated team for developing custom as well as Wordpress websites including ecommerce using Woocommerce, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Email / SMS Marketing. Secondly, we have used consumer insights to launch one of the most innovative value-added digital payment product "Payment PointTM", which can enable online payments for any business specially schools & colleges, as well as offer B2C utility bill payments acrosss India. Payment PointTM is powered with payment links, payment reminder services, CRM, promo code management & loyalty management. What's more, we are shortly launching agent based digital payments to drive digital inclusion and consumer convenience.

There are a few guiding principles that motivates the company. Our first principle is 'Honesty is the best policy'. We are honest in our trade, and provide the best possible solution to our clients at the best possible price. The company is driven by the philosophy of 'Stay Local. Think Global.'. We believe that location is not a barrier. One can stay in any location and yet be connected to work for the world. Kuhipaat's extensive global clientele today speaks for itself.

Durlov Baruah has 20 years of experience in communications and consumer-facing Internet technologies including digital marketing. A management graduate from MICA, he started his career with one of the top advertising agency, Mudra Communications. He had primarily managed account planning for McDonalds, India, along with shorter stints for FMCG brand Godrej Soaps and retail store brand, BigBazaar.

He then moved on to the client side of the advertising business joining ICICI Bank as the marketing manager. It was in 2005 when ICICI Bank gave him the exposure to online marketing, and to the realisation of the significance of web technology in communications and vice versa. He got to understand website development, search marketing and how web technology operates to provide online services such as global remittances. He then moved on to Deutsche Bank to learn and manage hardcore web technology solutions that drive business. In 5 years, he became the Head of Internet Banking of Deutsche Bank PBC India. He was instrumental in bringing innovations in many consumer facing Internet services like ecommerce payments, fund transfers, loyalty management, lead management systems etc. He resigned as the Head of Internet Banking of Deutsche Bank to start Kuhipaat to be part of the developing IT eco-system in his home state, Assam.

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Brand Image.

We understand your brand is what your consumers think about it. It is about building perceptions and an imagery for your brand that will help you get a premium, and a competitive advantage in the market. We start our consultancy after understanding your brand for the consumer to connect and establish a relationship.

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Creative Strategy.

The solutions to your branding, marketing or sales problems form the creative communication strategy. The strategy could involve your website functionalities, content, SEO, SEM, Social Media, online advertising or an application on the web / mobile. The effort is to make the strategy innovative, effective, relevant and interesting for your target audience.

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Service Delivery.

A strategy only works when it is possible to be implemented with the myriad restrictions of budget and other external variables. We work hard to create strategies that can be delivered and implemented. We go a step forward and emphasize on measuring the service delivery in terms of its expected results and outcomes. MIS and tracking are critical elements of a successful communication campaign.

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