A selfie consumer promotion executed by Kuhipaat for Protech Group

Consumer Promotion – Protech Homefie Contest

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Homefie is a Selfie inside your beautiful home! Here is a blog to show our expertise in creating and managing a consumer promotion contest digitally.

We at Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt. Ltd., shortly Kuhipaat, create engaging marketing content to engage prospects and customers to meet a marketing problem or an marketing objective.

Our client Protech Group (link of website designed by Kuhipaat) had wanted us to design a promotion to engage its potential influencers and customers to like the Facebook page of Protech Group and also to increase website views.

Consumer Promotion Idea:

We had taken the consumer craze around mobile selfie in order to upload onto social media, and suggested a selfie contest. The selfie idea was about the love and pride of the homeowner. Any homeowner is extremely proud of her home decor, in order to make it relevant for Protech Group.

We branded it as Protech Homefie Contest taking the word selfie and home. It is a selfie photography contest to acknowledge all the proud homemakers who take a lot of effort to make their homes beautiful, clean and tidy.

All the participants had to do was to take a selfie with your favourite room and upload it on our official Facebook Page with a caption & the hashtag #protechhomefie. The contest duration is from 1st June to 15th June 2018. Ten best Selfies would win a gift voucher of Rs. 1000/- each!

The steps to participate in the consumer promotion were as follows:

  1. The consumer has to like the facebook page of Protech group. www.facebook.com/protechgroupindia
  2. Take a selfie with his or her favourite room in the background and upload it on the page.
  3. Write a caption with the hashtag #protechhomefie and post it.
  4. Please visit the link to create a Contest ID to complete your participation.

Protech Group had a committee to judge the best entries to select the 10 lucky winners. The winners would get a gift worth Rs 1000/-. We decided to feature the winners on the Facebook page of Protech Group.

Promotion Communication Strategy

Any consumer promotion campaign needs ample advertising targeted to the target audience. Since it was a digital consumer promotion to increase likes on the Facebook page and to increase website page views, we decided to use digital media to promote this contest.

Creation of a Consumer Contest Logo

In order to give an instant recognition to the contest visually, we decided to design a Contest logo / mnemonic. The logo had the name Protech for instant brand connection. Also, the creative idea behind the logo was to make to contemporary, colourful and vibrant. This logo was present in every communication that we had to promote the consumer contest promotion.

Creation of a Consumer Promotion Landing Page

We had created an exclusive landing page on the website and had linked it in place of the EMI Calculator for the period of the promotion. Here is the URL of the landing page – Link.

Landing page creative of consumer promotion - Homefie contest for Protech Group, Guwahati, Assam
Homefie Landing Page

The landing page of the Protech Homefie Contest had the steps to be followed in order to participate in the contest. Also, it had a contest form where the customer had to enter his details and register for the contest. Upon entering his details, the Kuhipaat programming team had done a small web application to send a contest participation ID in an SMS to the participant. This was done to increase the credibility of the promotion and the fact that Protech Group is a tech-savvy company.

Contest Form developed for consumer promotion that can send sequential participation ID to contestants.
The SMS Marketing enabled contest form

Consumer Promotion Contest Campaign

We had started the promotion contest campaign with a teaser video that we had released on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here is the link of the Facebook post.


Are you proud of being a #homemaker? Are you a #Selfie freak? 🤔Like our #Facebook page and get notified of an interesting promo with many exciting gifts. Coming up on 1st of June 2018. 🎀🎇 #Assam #ContestAlert #stayupdated #photography #interiordesign #interior

Posted by Protech Group on Friday, May 25, 2018

Five days after the teaser video, we launched the homefie contest campaign with a image post. Here is the link for the post. We did not do a paid campaign to boost the post, as the budget was limited. Even then, we had started getting a lot of queries and participation. Page likes also started increasing.

PROTECH HOMEFIE CONTEST 🤳💕Protech Group is organising a Homefie Contest for all you lovely Homemakers!Protech…

Posted by Protech Group on Thursday, May 31, 2018

We did three more posts in the remaining 14 days to advertise the Protech homefie contest promotion. All the creatives were different and the objective was to create interest and urgency. They accompanied the steps to participate in the homefie contest promotion. All the graphic designs were intended to show that it is a photography or a selfie promotion contest. The polaroids or the model taking a selfie pointed to that creative leap.

Following were the creatives used for the same.

Result Creatives

The last part of the contest promotion communication strategy was to create banners to announce the lucky winners. We had taken the Facebook profile image of all the winners and had used the polaroid idea to announce and congratulate the winners in a Facebook post. We had tagged all the winners so that they are informed and they can share the post among their friends. The creative used is given below:

Here is the Facebook post to congratulate the winners:

🎉 HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉The day we have all have been waiting for has finally arrived. We are proud to present our…

Posted by Protech Group on Friday, June 29, 2018


Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt Ltd is built on the premise that we will build a bridge between communications and technology. We believe that each of the camps does not know the domain expertise of the other. Protech Homefie Consumer Promotion contest is an example of our expertise in both technology and communication.

We are based in a small piquant town called Duliajan in Assam, and trust us that our location is not a disadvantage. In fact it is an advantage because of our ability to give a better value for your money. If you looking for a partner to manage your digital communications as well as enable you in terms of digital technology, we are confident that we can help your business to grow.

Please visit us by clicking here.

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kuhipaat-brand-character for Protech - Protech Guru

Protech Guru: Use of a Brand Character to create consumer engagement.

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Loyalty to a brand depends primarily on the consumer experience with the brand. Brand identity, which provides direction, purpose and meaning for a brand, is also linked to consumer experience and engagement.

Protech Group is a well known real estate brand in Assam and the Northeast of India. Kuhipaat was assigned the responsibilities for digital branding and marketing for the brand. The team of Kuhipaat has designed the website and the social media strategy for the brand.

Brand Problem

The team of Kuhipaat wanted to increase brand engagement for Protech Group in the digital space. Also, we wanted to increase page views for our website and our social media pages. In order to do the same, we thought of building a ‘Brand Character’ that interacts with the prospect customers on a regular basis, in a meaningful way.


A great example is set by the Amul Brand. Likewise, Amul has created the character of a pleasantly plump girl in a polka dot dress with a big smile to promote Amul butter. As a result, the ‘utterly butterly girl’ has become a part of our lives as very real as any other person in our families.

Brand Character Strategy

The brand character to be designed had to fulfill the following objectives for the brand:

  1. The brand character has to be credible and trust worthy.
  2. It has to have reasons to interact with the customers consistently.
  3. Consumers need to see value in what the character has to say or offer.

The Kuhipaat team observed that consumers in general have a lot of questions regarding real estate and buying of properties. It is primarily because of the fact that home purchase is a once in a lifetime decision. Also, there were no credible websites that concentrated on the real estate problems and questions in Guwahati and the northeast of India. We arrived at a decision to fill that marketing and information gap by creating a brand character who answers questions about various aspects of real estate.

kuhipaat-brand-character for Protech - Protech Guru

Hence, Protech Guru was designed as a 2D character who would help customers in taking decisions related to buying their homes. We designed the character to gain a brand image in the minds of customer when they remember about the Protech brand. It has to bring the brand to life representing the personality of the Protech brand in terms of visual identity.

The name of the brand character, ‘Protech Guru’ was meant to imply an expert, leader or a teacher. Protech Guru is the expert, who answers all the queries put forward by customers on real estate. Consequently, we have strategically defined the brand character by including the following elements into the character:

  1. A visiting card – to imply a professional of Protech Group
  2. A suitcase – to imply a experienced professional with a bag full of knowledge
  3. Formal dress with tie – to bring in maturity and formality to the character
  4. Eyeglasses – to make the character look intelligent.

Protech Guru also needed to have a defined space in the website and in the social media pages. It increases familiarity, popularity and credibility of the character. So we decided the following strategy:

  1. In the website, the FAQ page belongs to Protech Guru. He writes the FAQs. All the answers present in the FAQ page are written by him. On the FAQ page, there is a online form for visitors to ask questions to Protech Guru.
  2. On the social media pages, Protech Guru has the Thursday booked for him. Every Thursday, Protech Guru answers a question related to real estate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of Protech Group.

Website banner of FAQ page of ProtechGroup website
FAQ page Website Banner – Kuhipaat.


The main focus of the Kuhipaat team was to successfully create a brand character, promote it well and create brand and website engagement for our client, Protech Group. It gave us opportunity to create interesting content for the brand as well. As a result, the page views, and social media engagement of Protech increased, leading to successful conversion of website and Google ad leads.

What’s more, to our knowledge, Protech Guru is the first ever brand character built in Assam by a communication agency in Assam.

Kuhipaat is a digital marketing service provider with a focus on website design and development. We believe we can add significant value to our clients’ businesses through our website and online marketing strategies.

Contact us for a free consultancy by clicking here, or by writing to us at [email protected]

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Opinion: Google Pixel is the proof of a gap between brand management & technology

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Google Pixel Launch India Kuhipaat Communications Digital Online
At an event in San Francisco on 5th of October, Google unveiled the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, first Google-branded smartphones.

I am a brand management thinker with a knack for technology, and not the other way round. I see the Google Pixel as a product that will not do too well.

It may not be an outright failure, as it has Google and its tech machinery powering it. The PR and the marketing teams of the tech machinery will try all possible ways to get tech reviews, spec reviews, and what-not reviews from all the available Tech verticals and News portals. And of course, it will design a simple Google-styled dynamic website with a few well-shot costly videos that consumers would perhaps like. Some of the features are cool as well, like the camera, unlimited cloud storage and the Google Assistant. (On second thoughts, Google has killed the Google Assistant before it is even born.)

Still, Google Pixel and the Pixel XL won’t do well. The reason it won’t do well is its flawed brand strategy. If Google had an objective of competing in premium mobile phone segment along with iPhone, then it shouldn’t have done the following two brand mistakes:

Pixel should not have had Android OS.

We have seen with Nexus that even if Android rules the market share, a phone with a pure Android OS couldn’t even create a flutter in the market. The reason is obvious, and that is the default brand positioning of Android OS – a poor man’s OS. The latest version of Android OS is even available on a Rs. 3000/- mobile phone in India. Who really cares if Google phones have a PURE Android OS ! Only a fraction of the world population would know the difference.

Google should have a launched a new OS (new brand) with the Google Assistant for the premium market with appropriate branding activities along with Pixel, or perhaps a few months before it to create the hype for a new mobile phone. The new OS should have had a new UI in terms of form and presentation, which would have made it perceived very differently from the current Android eco-system.

Pixel should not have been a Google phone.

Google too suffers from a brand imagery which is not premium or exclusive. It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a free-ware. (This is where I see an opportunity for a premium paid search engine available for the premium market segment, with an algorithm that understands consumer behaviour of the wealthy.)

It could have been launched as a Signature Series by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I mean, technically it could have been a Google phone, but from a brand point of view, we could have perhaps leveraged the brand value of its founders. There are more ways to launch a premium phone that starts from Rs. 57,000/- and goes up to Rs. 67,000/-.

To top it, the brand managers must have been really busy with their organising of tech reviews. It was a oversight to launch a supposedly premium brand, Google Pixel with a virtual reality head-set and the Chromecast Ultra.

Brand Management & Technology

It is my belief that the everyday evolving technology marketplace lacks serious branding experts. Brand managers, who could think positioning strategy, analyse consumer behaviour and find perception need gaps and flaws for the new technology products and solutions. More so, in the B2C retail market place.

Kuhipaat is a start-up that aspires to fill up that space, and be the bridge between technology thinking and brand thinking.


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Online Lead Generation – A Valued Marketing Aspect To Help Your Business

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A GP Bullhound research report stated that the online lead generation was growing at 71% YTY- more than twice as fast as online marketing.

51% of local businesses surveyed said that lead generation is a challenge. [Source: ReachLocal, 2016]

What is Lead Generation

Lead Generation - Marketing - Kuhipaat
Source: www.jeffbullas.com

Lead generation is a marketing activity that refers to the generation and conversion of prospective consumer interest for a product or a service into a business lead. A business lead is a opt-in sign-up for a product or a service offer. It includes contact information and in some cases, demographic and psychographic information.

Business Lead Generation

Business Leads are generated for a variety of purposes. It helps in building a subscriber base, building a list of prospects to keep the sales team busy, or to create an e-newsletter list. For e-commerce and other online businesses, leads are generated to convert them into customers online in real time.  Lead Generation is not a new form of gaining new business, but it now has a new approach. Rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, hoping that targeted consumers will fill up a form, you can have leads generated on the Internet using search engine marketing, social marketing, email marketing and contextual relevant display advertising in websites where the intended target audience visits. The 3 most commonly used lead generation strategies are search marketing email marketing, event marketing, and content marketing.

83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation [Source: MarketingProfs]

Types of Leads

Leads are divided into two qualitative segments: Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads. A MQL is a lead generated by the marketing team using their marketing aptitude and understanding. It

Lead Generation - Marketing - Kuhipaat
Source: internetbusinessmastery.com

uses better consumer targeting, knowledge about consumer behaviour and intelligent form fields to generate leads that marketing team thinks, will convert more. A SQL is a lead that the sales team generates with the sole intention of quick conversion and closer. A MQL is more quality, less quantity. A SQL is more quantity, less quality. 

Increasing quality leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, followed by increasing lead volume (at 55%.) [Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community]

Businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects. [Source: Forrester Research]

“Times they are A – Changing”

In recent times, content marketing is raising its presence felt through blogs and content syndication in generating leads targeted by interests, passion and familiarity. Users are made familiar with the brand through interesting content with the hope that they will be favourably inclined to show interest for the brand or the product / service. Hard selling as a concept is thought to be unpopular in the Internet age, where it is easier than ever to reject propositions for a product or a service. In that context It is said that marketers with blogs are 13 times more likely to drive positive ROI than those who don’t have one.

81% of businesses report that their blog is important or critical in generating leads. [Source: HubSpot]

Lead Generation - Marketing - Kuhipaat
Source: familylawrights.net

Having said that, there has not been any significant decline in online lead generation through banner and search marketing that works on CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA pricing models. Display banner and search marketing can give higher reach quicker. The sales channel has a requirement for volume of leads along with good quality leads. This is primarily driven by the advertisers’ demand for ROI focused marketing.

For marketers that are looking to pay only for specific actions, CPL advertising and CPA advertising (also referred to as affiliate marketing) are preferred. In CPL campaigns, advertisers pay for an interested lead. So, they pay for the contact information of a person interested in their product or service. CPL campaigns are suitable for brand marketers and direct response marketers.

In CPA campaigns, the advertiser typically pays for a completed sale that may or may not involve a financial transaction. CPA advertising is primarily used for driving e-commerce sales, mobile app installations and other such actions that are possible to be tracked till closure. CPA is all about ‘now’, it focuses on driving consumers to buy at that exact moment.

Kuhipaat’s Service

Lead Generation - Marketing - Kuhipaat
Source: http://positionly.com/blog

We, at Kuhipaat Communications & Technology Private Ltd. believe that we can help your business by structuring marketing programs to generate leads. We will understand the requirements of your business and arrive at the strategy to be implement a lead generation campaign. A strategy is dependent on the product / service, the target consumer set, the sale cycle of the product / service and the budget that is available to be spared for the lead generation campaign.

Lead generation outsourcing is 43% more efficient than in-house generating because of their expertise. [Source: Fearless Competitor]

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